Jomar Life Research - Brand design and visual identity.

Jomar Life Research is a leading supplier of quality biological reagents and equipment to Australian and New Zealand researchers. Through strategic sourcing, we provide researchers with the best pricing and fastest delivery. Search our online catalog or ask us to source a product for you. It's that easy.



Life Research is a distributor that represents 50 brands and intermediate suppliers that are not very large. It is a source for researchers to obtain extremely specialized products for their research. It merged with the Jomar Bioscience company to create Jomar Life Research, it has no brand or visual identity


The new brand must communicate that Jomar and Life Research become one. It must conserve the DNA symbol and keep the color Orange and blue. It should be a simple and flexible brand that projects a product provider company for life sciences researchers. It should also convey growth modernization, improved capabilities and the ability to provide better service and better value.


We designed a brand based on the DNA and the antibody symbol. A visual identity that projects the modernization of growth, improved capabilities and the ability to provide better service and better value

Jhonatan Medina Caguana_JLR_CONCEPT_A2016Jhonatan Medina Caguana_JLR_CONCEPT_A2016


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