Brendan & Meridian - Brand design and visual identity.

Brendan & Meridian is a company that develops sustainable and well-located real estate assets, serving individuals and families with an intelligent lifestyle; maintaining high standards of quality, comfort and price.



Brendan & Meridian is part of the INESA Group, is the oldest residential promoter in Barcelona and is a brand within the real estate sector. It does not have a coherent and modern visual identity that projects it as an investment company that creates value-generating projects.


Design a simple, coherent and modern brand. To position it as a leader in the non-commercial market through its values: efficiency, agility, dynamism, innovation, technology, honesty, integrity and responsibility. Communicate messages based on their main objective: the transformation of the land, creation of projects that generate value, construction, and sale with a close and business tone.


We design a brand and its visual identity under the positive synergy concept: the transformation of realities based on the activation and management of real estate actions to sustain commitments over time and build your well-being.

Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Typografia_WorkJhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Typografia_Work
Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Color_Palette_WorkJhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Color_Palette_Work
Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_11Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_11
Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_15Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_15
Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_36Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_36
Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_4Jhonatan Medina Caguana_Brendan Meridian_Stationary_4


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